Money can Curdle? Say what?

I came across this quote the other day… “MONEY IS CONGEALED ENERGY.” ~Joseph Campbell Anyone that knows me and/or has worked with me will tell you that yes, I believe that money IS energy…and I have to say that using the adjective, “congealed”, sparked my interest. I know what congealed means–to change from a liquidContinue reading “Money can Curdle? Say what?”

What Midas and Miser have to say about you, money, and the world…

For the past several years I have studied and worked with archetypes, both personally and  now professionally. For those not familiar with archetypes, author Caroline Myss offers this…“Archetypes are your energy guides to your highest potential…working with  your archetypal patterns is the best way I know to become conscious of yourself, the effects of yourContinue reading “What Midas and Miser have to say about you, money, and the world…”

Exactly HOW Rich are you??

If a child walked up to you and asked, “Excuse me—are you rich?” How would you respond? I actually visualized this while driving home with my family from an afternoon of spending gift cards…it felt similar to a day-dream but, much clearer and more real. A child came up to me (…strangely enough it was notContinue reading “Exactly HOW Rich are you??”