Writer’s block….seriously??

So I sit down to begin writing and what happens? Writer’s block! I kid you not!  I take a deep breath, sit back and say, “Well, what’s REALLY happening here? If I look at this symbolically, what do I see?”   Writer’s block isn’t anything new, everyone I would imagine at some point has experienced it, right? I can remember back in high school and college (all those Art History papers!!) experiencing writer’s block…I remember feeling excited that I had so much to say, really important information to share but, yet when it came time to start writing…BLOCK!  I would stutter, have a few false starts, write something down and end up crumpling the paper into a ball and tossing it.  Before I knew it, I had a garbage can full of crumpled up balls of paper…all evidence of my “block”.  And the more I would look at that garbage can, the more I questioned myself…is this information really important? Am I good enough to convey my ideas? Will they “get it”? What if I don’t get an A on this paper?  Sound familiar? (What’s this got to do with money?  Sit tight, I’m getting there…)
So what EXACTLY is a “writer’s block”?  What is a “block” in anything??  Well, I know what it’s been for me.  I know why I’ve delayed writing, avoided sharing my insights on money and life…my “block” has been fear, fear, fear…topped off with a bit more fear.  I’ve got great ideas, I’ve got real-life gut wrenching experiences, I’ve got intuitive & insightful information to share…so what’s my problem? FEAR. Where did this fear come from? ME. That’s right, ME.  Please take note, fear is not a natural state of being for any of us…we create fear, and the results? Blocks!!  Can these “blocks” show up anywhere else in our life?  Absolutely…ofcourse…wherever there is a lesson to be learned by YOU.
This “writer’s block” of mine shows up for me financially as well.  I have spent the past 20 years as a Financial/Investment Advisor, managing clients assets, advising clients on insurance, etc.  As far as practical financial knowledge goes, I rock!   And I’ve got the certificates, licensing, and awards to prove it.  But, have I experienced what I would define as financial wealth or abundance?  No, not consistently anyway.  I’ve had periods where I was generating a healthy 6 figure income, and I’ve been financially bankrupt.  How does that happen to a successful Financial/Investment Advisor??  I had emotional wealth blocks…stemming ofcourse from fear.  With “inner” work and a trip down memory lane, I discovered that growing up, I had been taught mixed messages about money, self-worth, self-love.  These mixed messages about money left an imprint, creating “blocks” where I questioned my self-worth, my value.  I discovered that in order for me to experience physical wealth (high income, nice “stuff”, etc.), I have to be emotionally wealthy first.  I have to believe that I am enough right now, that  I don’t need feedback or approval from others to know my worth.  That when someone else questions me or trys to plant doubt in my head, that I can respond by saying, “I appreciate your imput however, I know what I know and I’m moving forward because it feels right.”   Block removed….check!

So, if you are interested in exploring your relationship with money, finding true wealth, and having some fun…make sure you stay tuned!!   🙂   

3 thoughts on “Writer’s block….seriously??

  1. Great article that gets to the root of writer’s block for many and the financial blocks to wealth as well.

    Do you recommend any reading for “unblocking” financial blocks, or gaining emotional wealth first?

    1. Thanks Sandi!
      I highly recommend “The Energy of Money” by Dr Maria Nemeth. It’s been a great resource for me with the work I do in my Financial Life Planning practice when working with clients one on one. It supports my belief that in order to effect change, you must create self-awareness. Enjoy!!

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