Adversity…Your path to Wealth and Prosperity

I am so grateful when I am able to share something of my own experience, knowing it will help others. Over the past several days my right ear has been congested–and I can’t think of anything more irritating than when I can’t hear. (well, maybe sneezing!) I knew that the root cause of this physical symptom was emotional and that no doctor or medication was going to be able to help me release the congestion. It was time to me to listen up, and hear not what was going on outside of me but rather, inside. Message received…“consider the uses of adversity”. 

“Adversity: a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress.”  The antonym for adversity is prosperity. 

When I began to consider the uses of adversity, the question I asked was, “what lessons am I to learn from this experience with adversity?” Sometimes, in order to unplug or decongest you must clear out the old in order to make room for clarity and awareness. In other words, adversity is a call to change or clear out, old perceptions…see things differently, in ways that will  bring you out of the dark and into the light.

Adversity can play itself out in many ways–for instance, financial struggle or misfortune, Hurricane Sandy, fear of scarcity (there won’t be enough), loss or slow down of business revenue, death or divorce…just to name a few. Tucked behind these events and feelings are significant life lessons…and whether we choose to see it or not, are all timely in our process for inner growth, leading to prosperity.

Perhaps you have to take on a second job as you continue to build your new business; or re-calculate your budget factoring in spending cutbacks (hint…doing this will open your eyes to an increase flow of money to you). Clearing out the old could also mean selling personal items that you no longer use, allowing them to re-circulate. In matters of divorce, speaking from my own experiences, it is the lessons in compassion and forgiveness that will liberate you.

Adversity creates the stage upon which you will see what is truly of “value” to you. In this very moment, what is most important to you? Hanging on to a “prized” possession or providing for your family? Exhibiting anger and blame in a courtroom or practicing the act of forgiveness so that you may begin to embrace the new life unfolding before you?

Adversity, if you allow it, will be your guide in transforming your life into one of abundance and wealth.

“He who learns to welcome misfortune, learns that adversity is the prosperity of the great.” ~ unknown

5 thoughts on “Adversity…Your path to Wealth and Prosperity

  1. Enjoyed adversity versus prosperity. Hope the congestion in your right ear (adversity)
    clears up and I wish you light and prosperity in abundance!

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