Wealth & Women Redefined, Reunited…

This article originally appeared 10/22/13, on Catalytic Women. Enjoy!

Ever since I chose to transition from a traditional Financial Adviser to a Money Coach-Wealth Intuitive, I have experienced both personally and professionally a profound shift in the meaning of “wealth”. 

Did you know that the original definition of “wealth”, back in the 13th century, was happiness; joy; and well-being? Wealth was once known as an emotion or a state of being. I find that refreshing and affirming for there are many individuals that currently define wealth as owning a great amount of physical possessions, luxuries, or cash. I have also found that when one places their focus squarely on generating physical wealth, negative attitudes form such as, judgments, scarcity, and non-fulfillment. 

As a traditional Financial Adviser, I spent the greater part of that career focused on accumulating physical wealth, and advising my clients on achieving the same. Was I successful in that endeavor? Most certainly—I generated a healthy income and could easily afford the things I wanted, and then some. But, it wasn’t until I lost it all in an abusive marriage, divorce, and bankruptcy that I began to realize what it truly means to be “wealthy”. 

My journey in re-discovering wealth while guiding other women to do the same has allowed me a glimpse into the new Wealth Paradigm. When it comes to managing money, career, and family, women do it from the inside-out. Thoughts, feelings, and actions begin from the heart. Whether they are looking to give or invest their money, time, or creativity, alignment with purpose and spiritual fulfillment comes first. Women know that it’s not about what they will receive in return for their generosity because they know that to give IS to receive; that to give and receive are in fact, one truth. To give wealth is to be wealth(y). 

As a woman today, how would you define “wealth”? For me, I am wealthy when I am in alignment; sharing my gifts and knowledge.  You see, being “rich” isn’t always quantified by dollars and cents. It’s about generating sustainable dividends by first feeding the soul. As for money and the physical stuff—that’s a happy side-effect! 

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