Quick thoughts on a Thesaurus, Words, and Truth …

Sometimes I am amazed at how quickly and easily the right words flow through me and on to a piece of paper.

In less that 30 minutes I wrote a poem. So direct, so clear, so graceful – it could only have been divinely guided. The words, the pace, the rhythm, harmoniously placed on a page.

Shouldn’t everything be as easy as this? Shouldn’t every task endeavored leave you feeling full and complete like a newly written poem?

I should say, yes. (Even the telling of your money story, your life vision, your life’s work …)

I read Joseph Brodsky’s “Greatest Commencement Address of All Time: 6 Rules for Playing the Game like a winner.” His first tip was to read a dictionary on a daily basis so that one may be precise with their language. I realized that as much as I love to read, I’ve never just read the dictionary like a read a book. Or have I? After having written my poem I realized that I had my thesaurus out, as I always do when I write. I then quickly recalled my tattered and torn Roget’s Thesaurus that my mother had given me when I was 11 years old. A book that I carried with me everywhere until I graduated from college.

I wrote my first set of poems at the age of 11, short stories in high school, art history research papers throughout college – with my Thesaurus by my side as my guide and trusted resource. So I guess in a way, I have been reading the dictionary!

I’ve been blessed with a love of reading and writing. Both have opened the doors to my higher mind bringing forth insights, ideas, and Truth. Having a tool such as words and language leaves me amazed and breathless at times … works of art on a page. For at this time, what better means do we have to communicate and connect with one another and with our Self? Storytelling, letter writing, envisioning, research, journaling, and prayer.

I believe Mr. Brodsky was absolutely correct. Everyone should read the dictionary daily, or some form of it. Just imagine the benefits:

  • Expand your language … deepening your connection to imagination.
  • Become more precise and clear in what you seek to communicate, express, or ask for.
  • Extend, stretch, and expand your channel of creativity … which allows you to be more open to alternative ideas, solutions, opportunities, and possibilities.
  • Break down blocks and barriers to new thoughts allowing your True Self to emerge.
  • Experience profound breakthroughs in all facets of life.

So the next time you sit down to watch TV or login to Facebook, instead of “checking out”, “check in” with yourself and the world of words. Pick up a pen and paper, a dictionary or thesaurus, and simply write. Allow the first idea that comes to mind to find your piece of paper. Then let it flow … and it will.

Be sure to use your dictionary or thesaurus. If you find that you use the same word over and over, look it up and find a new word, another word. Let this process be fun and light. I know you will be amazed at what ends up on your pages … truth, wisdom and insights that you never knew existed in you, being expressed through you.

Enjoy & be blessed!

~ C


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