How do I get off this Roller Coaster with money?

When I was a young girl I used to love going to Darien Lake and riding the Viper. I would ride that roller coaster over and over. I just couldn't get enough of it - the thrills, the squeals, and the sensation of my heart dropping into my belly. Then, sometime around 12 years old, … Continue reading How do I get off this Roller Coaster with money?

“Frozen”…a miracle of wealth

I truly love the synchronicity of life! I recently launched a small group coaching program for women and the image I used for the announcement was that of Queen Elsa from the movie, Frozen. I had not yet seen the movie...and apparently didn't need to in order to know that the message was in alignment … Continue reading “Frozen”…a miracle of wealth

Me, Money, Divorce–Victim Center Stage

After a bit of a break to be a soccer mom and focus on creating my newest coaching program...I'm back. Before I begin my latest post, I would like to formally announce my new signature program..."Financial First Aid for Divorce, for Women". I am happy to report that thus far, my program has received an … Continue reading Me, Money, Divorce–Victim Center Stage

What Midas and Miser have to say about you, money, and the world…

For the past several years I have studied and worked with archetypes, both personally and  now professionally. For those not familiar with archetypes, author Caroline Myss offers this..."Archetypes are your energy guides to your highest potential...working with  your archetypal patterns is the best way I know to become conscious of yourself, the effects of your … Continue reading What Midas and Miser have to say about you, money, and the world…

Exactly HOW Rich are you??

If a child walked up to you and asked, "Excuse me---are you rich?" How would you respond? I actually visualized this while driving home with my family from an afternoon of spending gift felt similar to a day-dream but, much clearer and more real. A child came up to me (...strangely enough it was not … Continue reading Exactly HOW Rich are you??

Every Child Should Have…

I have three sources of inspiration for my latest post. First, a poem entitled "Every Woman Should Have...Every Woman Should Know" written by Pamela Redmond Satran. Second, the tragic event that occurred in Newtown Connecticut this past Friday, 12/14/12. Third, my two sons, Josh--age 11, Kyan--age 7. Wherever darkness is present, so too is light. It … Continue reading Every Child Should Have…

The New Normal…Wholeness

...WHOLENESS. A recent insight that has been quietly, and not so quietly, nudging me to talk about. So this morning, before I got to my office, I asked the question, "what's my 'lead in' to this conversation?" Sure enough, it never fails, I ask a question and get my answer! I came across an article online this morning, "Smart Women Marry Rich..." … Continue reading The New Normal…Wholeness