“Frozen”…a miracle of wealth

I truly love the synchronicity of life! I recently launched a small group coaching program for women and the image I used for the announcement was that of Queen Elsa from the movie, Frozen. I had not yet seen the movie…and apparently didn’t need to in order to know that the message was in alignment with my program. 🙂 Now that I HAVE seen the movie…I feel moved to share some powerful insights relative to wealth and relationships.

Elsa isn’t your “typical” fairy-tale Queen and her sister, Anna, isn’t your “typical” fairy-tale Princess. Both exemplifying characteristics unlike their “Queen” and “Princess” predecessors which I found to be refreshing and enlightening. Themes of “damsel in distress”, the need to be “rescued”, true love, and “happily ever after”, were played out in unexpected…and beautiful ways. 

When Queen Elsa tried keep her sister, Anna, at a distance, in an effort to protect her from what she perceived as her curse, she inadvertently “froze” Anna’s heart. In order for Anna to live, Anna had to experience an “act of true love”, for it was love that would melt her heart.  Now, in usual fairy-tale fashion, one would think that Anna’s “Prince”, or “Knight is Shining Armor” would appear, yes? He would proclaim his true love for her and with a kiss, she would be saved. I know that’s what I expected…AND that’s how the movie was leading you to believe would transpire in this story as well. Until….Princess Anna, through an act of courage and selflessness, chose to save Elsa instead of herself, and froze to death. She ran away from the “kiss” and towards her own “act of true love”. In saving her sister, she in turn saved herself. Her heart unfrozen.  When Elsa asked her why, Anna responded, “because I love you.”

Anna did not require someone or something outside of herself to do the rescuing…she went “within” and rescued herself. And in so doing, not only saving she and her sister…their Kingdom was saved as well. Nice ripple effect, yes? This “act of true love” also inspired Queen Elsa to experience her own miracle at the hands of Anna. Elsa no longer perceived her abilities to “freeze” as a curse. These abilities were her gifts, her gifts to share from a place of love instead of fear…her source of true wealth.

If you have yet to see the movie “Frozen”, I strongly encourage you to do so…and remember to watch it with your children, perhaps discussing the themes afterwards while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa.

I am also including the link to my “Let Wealth be Yours” small group money coaching for women announcement. I’m guessing there may be a Queen or Princess inside of you, looking to create a healthy relationship with money and forge her own path to true wealth…

  • Does your “Financial Empire” need a bit of a “rescue”?
  • An act of true self-love and a willingness to discover your true wealth is your ticket to financial independence and happiness

Only 3 spots still open…program begins March 8th!     http://eepurl.com/NFoyP

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