Me, Money, Divorce–Victim Center Stage

After a bit of a break to be a soccer mom and focus on creating my newest coaching program...I'm back. Before I begin my latest post, I would like to formally announce my new signature program..."Financial First Aid for Divorce, for Women". I am happy to report that thus far, my program has received an … Continue reading Me, Money, Divorce–Victim Center Stage

Peace of money, peace of mind…

I recently published an article on,  7 Ways Money Memories Can Affect Your Finances . When I went back to read the comments I observed something interesting--people either "get it" or they don't. We all want to feel better about money and our finances but, the moment someone offers a different way of seeing things, … Continue reading Peace of money, peace of mind…

‘Pay yourself first’…because your worth it!

'Pay yourself first'...remember that phrase? An oldie and a goodie! It's one of the first one-sentence messages that I recall from my 20+ year career as a traditional Investment Advisor and Insurance Agent. Funny though, I haven't heard the expression being used much over the past several years, not even by myself...until recently that is. … Continue reading ‘Pay yourself first’…because your worth it!

Money is the Language, Not the Story

I came across an article in Allure magazine recently that caught my attention. It was an interview with Elizabeth L. Cline, author of "Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion". "You write that we're disconnected from our clothes. How so? 'When we shop, we're thinking, Is this cute and is it cheap? I'm the first … Continue reading Money is the Language, Not the Story


"Grace is a silent breeze that enters into your essence, often to protect you from doing harm to yourself. Grace does not protect you from the consequences of your negative or foolish choices; rather, it seeks to prevent you from making those choices in the first place."      ~Caroline Myss Everyday we make choices...about life, about … Continue reading Choice…

In Loving Memory…Life and Legacy

Last week Thursday I lost a dear, childhood friend.  When I was first told the news by my father, I cried...first tears of sadness that my friend was gone, ending a long battle with cancer.  Then more tears of sadness for his family and their loss. And then came peace; I know that my friend … Continue reading In Loving Memory…Life and Legacy

Tell Me a Story…Your Story…about Money

"I am determined to tell my story of how I want it to be." ~Abraham Hicks Want to know what I tire of easily? Excuses. Old stories. I'm tired of hearing how HARD it is to make money, have money, save money. Want to know the worst part? It's actually less about being hard and more about being afraid to speak up … Continue reading Tell Me a Story…Your Story…about Money