Peace of money, peace of mind…

I recently published an article on,  7 Ways Money Memories Can Affect Your Finances . When I went back to read the comments I observed something interesting–people either “get it” or they don’t. We all want to feel better about money and our finances but, the moment someone offers a different way of seeing things, a shift in perspective to foster healing, the ego steps in and closes the door. I’m pleased to report that many people are “getting it”, they are stretching their perspectives. As for the others, they are not ready–they are not open and willing to see things differently, much less heal their relationship with money. 

I often hear “it would take a miracle for me to get out of debt…retire comfortably…feel good about myself after my divorce…”.  Yes, it takes miracles for those things to happen and miracles happen every day to each of us. We just aren’t paying attention! To put it simply, a miracle is a change in perception. It is your willingness to see something differently that allows for the miracle to take place. 99% of your reality is based on your perception. If you desire to change your circumstances and how you feel, then invoke a miracle–change your perceptions. 

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have peace of money (peace of mind)? Think of it this way–wouldn’t it be nice if when you looked at your bank account (or investment portfolio), you felt at peace regardless of how much or how little is in the account? No negative emotional triggers…just peace. 

When you look at your bank (investment) accounts or debt balances, what feelings come up? Anger? Guilt? Shame? Disappointment? Anxiety? Remember–all negative feelings stem from fear. If you feel anger, you are afraid. If you feel anxious, you are afraid. And so on.

So, the real question is…what are you afraid of? What is it exactly that you don’t want anyone to know about you and money? When you work with that question, you will get to the heart of what is standing between you and a healthy relationship with money. The surprise will be when you realize that your answer has very little if anything to do with money! Intrigued? Then get to work!

Oh—and this is where the miracle takes place…your shift in perception. Identify the real fear, be open and willing to seeing it differently, and your perception will change. 

End result? Not just peace of money…peace of mind.

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