You Can’t Assign a Number to “Abundance”

The title of this post came to me in a "daydream"...I was having a conversation with one of my friends in California. I can't even recall the details of the conversation, only that I said to her, "you can't assign a number to abundance...". The term 'abundance' is one that is used quite frequently today...a … Continue reading You Can’t Assign a Number to “Abundance”

‘Pay yourself first’…because your worth it!

'Pay yourself first'...remember that phrase? An oldie and a goodie! It's one of the first one-sentence messages that I recall from my 20+ year career as a traditional Investment Advisor and Insurance Agent. Funny though, I haven't heard the expression being used much over the past several years, not even by myself...until recently that is. … Continue reading ‘Pay yourself first’…because your worth it!

Expand Money Awareness through Conscious Choice-making

Do you make money choices consciously? Deliberately? Are you fully aware of the potential consequences for each financial decision you make or action you take? If you are like most people, your answer is "No, not exactly."  Back in 2008, my eyes were opened again to the art of "Conscious Choice-Making". You remember 2008, right? … Continue reading Expand Money Awareness through Conscious Choice-making