Guilt and Divorce—a marriage made that could sabotage your wealth

"Funny" things happen when we are faced with divorce. People around us seem to behave differently; some friends and family stick to you like glue with their love and support while others abruptly vanish. Depending on the circumstances, your "soon-to-be ex" can become nearly unrecognizable, hiding behind a mask of hurtful words and unloving behavior. … Continue reading Guilt and Divorce—a marriage made that could sabotage your wealth

Life Balance…attainable or unrealistic??

If you haven't figured it out yet, I write about what I know.  It doesn't mean that I'm "right", it just simply means that I write about my personal experiences, what I observe, and what I find to be inspiring.  Which leads to me the topic of Life there really such a thing?  Well, it's something that's been … Continue reading Life Balance…attainable or unrealistic??

Bankruptcy…it’s a good thing!!

Yes, bankruptcy IS a good least it was for me.  Sometimes all it takes is to hear someone's story in order to stretch your thoughts about how you feel about an event, a circumstance, an experience.    In 2005 I ended an abusive marriage, cared for my 4-year-old that had suffered a major eye accident, and gave birth … Continue reading Bankruptcy…it’s a good thing!!