Life Balance…attainable or unrealistic??

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I write about what I know.  It doesn’t mean that I’m “right”, it just simply means that I write about my personal experiences, what I observe, and what I find to be inspiring.  Which leads to me the topic of Life Balance…is there really such a thing?  Well, it’s something that’s been gnawing at me for sometime now.  Have you ever noticed that when you think about something long enough, information begins to come your way, confirming your feelings or sense of “knowing”?  I was recently given a set of audio/CD’s by Kevin Trudeau and he speaks a bit about life balance.  And just last week, I happened to catch a segment on CNBC’s Squawk Box where they interviewed Dr Heather McGregor, aka Mrs Moneypenny, and she too spoke about life balance.  I have to laugh because what I was thinking and feeling, they said out loud!  For most of us…there’s NO SUCH THING as living a balanced life!  Talk about a confirmation!

Now I’m sure that some of you are shaking your head saying to yourself, “What?? No life balance? But, I thought that’s what I wanted?” Well, maybe it is…and maybe it isn’t.  What does a balanced life look like and what are the consequences?  Do you believe that a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company leads a balanced life?  How about the President of the United States?  Well, I don’t believe they do…and that’s ok.  I believe it’s more about knowing what you want and effectively managing your money, time, resources, and skills to get it.   I have an exercise that I use with my clients called “The Wheel of Life”.  This Wheel of Life is broken down into 9 facets…Work, Family, Health, Leisure, Learning, Inner Growth, Home, Community, and Finances.   You are asked to rate your level of satisfaction in each facet on a scale of 1-10. It’s always an “eye-opening” experience…not only do you have a visual representation of how you FEEL about your life but, you also begin to see whether or not you are following your hearts desire by how you currently allocate your resources of time, money, creativity, etc.  Your core values and priorities come to the surface…you get to know yourself better, and you get to know what you REALLY REALLY want in life. 

Mrs. Moneypenny mentions that it’s not about having it all, it’s about setting your priorities. My priorities look like this…Me, My Work/Career, My Children, My Husband, My Friends (including extended family).  Have I been judged on my priorities? Yep!  For instance, “How can you put your children 3rd, behind your work??” EASILY…I rock as a mom because I take care of myself first and always.  My work is my “home”, it’s my passion, it’s what makes me shine.  I can’t think of a better role model for my kids!

So what do you WANT in life?  Do you want to make millions? Go for it! Do you want to get married and raise a big family?  Go for it! Please realize that how a CEO invests their time and resources across the different facets of life will be very different from that of someone who chooses to be a “stay at home” mom.  Both are worthy and admirable aspirations however, their “Wheels of Life” may be dramatically different.  So, be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR about what you want, set your priorities, and be realistic with your expectations regarding how it will affect the other facets of your life.  I think you may find that it’s not about living a balanced life…it’s about living the life you want.

10 thoughts on “Life Balance…attainable or unrealistic??

  1. Once again, there’s a WHOLE LOT of food for thought here! I like it a lot. I know, too, that the priorities shift constantly with events – on the micro level – day-to-day – as well as the macro level, as the seasons of our lives shift. Right now, I have a lower priority on family and relationships and a higher one on business (my “child” is 32, lest you think I’m pond scum for ignoring him!). It’s fast becoming apparent that I need another “season” of concentrating on my own health and fitness. Things are reaching a shifting point. But it’s never about achieving a “5” across the board and keeping it there… that’s unrealistic!

    1. Jeanne–thank you so much for your comments!! You are spot on! I love how you put it, “as the seasons of our lives shift.” I completely agree…as we move into different phases of life, as we encounter various transitions, we may see that our priorities have to change in order to keep us moving forward in creating the life we want. Love that! Thank you again Jeanne!! 🙂

  2. For those of you that have not experienced the “Wheel of Life” exercise with
    Christine, you should sign up for it. It is awesome and really makes you “think” about
    your priorities: what is truly important in your life and how you spend your time.
    It might well be time for a “season of life shift”. I know it is time for me to “shift”
    Great article and great comments!!!

      1. Yes, March 8th!!!!! Don is thrilled!! Little does he know I am looking
        forward to doing something “different” – just not full time.

        And….What a great article in the Buffalo Magazine!!!!! It was outstanding and
        very exciting. I hope you get great responses!!

      2. Oh my gosh Sue!!! March 8th is next week!! CONGRATS!! I can’t wait to hear all the details!! And thank you regarding Buffalo Magazine…it IS very exciting and the response has been overwhelmingly POSITIVE!! LOVE IT!!

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