What EXACTLY are We Teaching our Kids about Money and Life???

Education and knowledge by themselves do not bring inner peace to individuals, families or the society in which they live. But education combined with warmheartedness, a sense of concern for the well-being of others, has much more positive results. If you have a great deal of knowledge, but you’re governed by negative emotions, then youContinue reading “What EXACTLY are We Teaching our Kids about Money and Life???”

Life Balance…attainable or unrealistic??

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I write about what I know.  It doesn’t mean that I’m “right”, it just simply means that I write about my personal experiences, what I observe, and what I find to be inspiring.  Which leads to me the topic of Life Balance…is there really such a thing?  Well, it’s something that’s beenContinue reading “Life Balance…attainable or unrealistic??”

Your Values and Life Insurance…is there a disconnect?

I started my career as a Life Insurance Agent, that’s almost 20 years ago, and I’m still surprised that most people fail to realize the power of Life Insurance.  Why is that?  Why don’t most people believe in Life Insurance?  Whenever I have asked that question of my clients, the most common answers were “It costs too muchContinue reading “Your Values and Life Insurance…is there a disconnect?”