“Frozen”…a miracle of wealth

I truly love the synchronicity of life! I recently launched a small group coaching program for women and the image I used for the announcement was that of Queen Elsa from the movie, Frozen. I had not yet seen the movie...and apparently didn't need to in order to know that the message was in alignment … Continue reading “Frozen”…a miracle of wealth

Part 2: Your Money Story…Pack it with Power!

As promised...here is Part 2: Your Money Story...Pack it with Power...written by Denis Ledoux of The Memoir Network.  AND be sure to stay tuned in to your email...under separate cover I will be sending out an invitation to my 2 hour Tele-Class Event--"3 Simple Steps to Unleashing Money Miracles: Co-Creative Writing".  I had run this … Continue reading Part 2: Your Money Story…Pack it with Power!

Money can Curdle? Say what?

I came across this quote the other day... "MONEY IS CONGEALED ENERGY." ~Joseph Campbell Anyone that knows me and/or has worked with me will tell you that yes, I believe that money IS energy...and I have to say that using the adjective, "congealed", sparked my interest. I know what congealed means--to change from a liquid … Continue reading Money can Curdle? Say what?