Wealth, $Prosperity$, and Happiness for 2012

Here we are…on the brink of a New Year…abundant opportunities lay at our feet.   Are you Feeling Excited And Ready to boldly step forward???  (don’t you love that acronym?  Thank you Neale Donald Walsch…)

Have you thought about what you would like for 2012…for yourself, your business, your family, etc?   If you haven’t, that’s ok…there’s plenty of  time!  

For some of us, setting intentions for the New Year can feel overwhelming, even a bit scary.  Perhaps you’re still feeling unsure about the Global economy, job security, a lackluster investment, or just simply afraid of failure.  It’s important to remember however, that there are unlimited possibilities and opportunities regardless of what is going on OUTSIDE of you.  Sometimes, all it takes to see this truth is a little shift in perspective…starting with YOU. 

What is YOUR  perspective..how do you currently feel about money, happiness, and wealth?  What is YOUR definition of True Wealth?  I had recently attended a webinar and I learned something profound…did you know that in the 12-13th Century the definition of wealth was “path to happiness”?  It wasn’t until  the 15th Century that the meaning had been changed to “accumulation of assets”!!!  I much prefer the original definition…why?  Because Wealth isn’t just about how much money is in your bank account or retirement fund.  Wealth can also mean a life filled with purpose, meaning, and significance.  Defining True Wealth will help you  focus on the things in life that are most important to you. 

When you think about money, how do you feel?  Can you identify the emotions?  Do these emotions “hit” you somewhere physically?  Pay attention…write it down.  What are your beliefs about money and where did your beliefs come from?  Your beliefs are seated in an emotion, and it’s your beliefs that create your attitudes about money.  Your attitudes create your behaviors, and your behaviors create your results.  So, if your overall sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction is sub-par, then this is a wake-up call for you to examine your beliefs and clarify your inner core values.  

Through self-examination comes self-awareness.  From there you can effect change to create and manifest your version of the “rich” life.  You will also come to appreciate what money REALLY is.  Money is NOT the goal; money is the tool that “energizes” your goals which moves you closer to realizing  your life vision.  And when you manage the energy of money effectively, all the facets of your life will flow with greater ease and create a sense of balance. 

Ahhh…now how’s that for a new & refreshing perspective??

About thatmoneygirl

Mom, Wife, Friend, Sister...Pioneer “I love helping women (and men!) be who they really are and get what they really want by working with them to resolve their deep money issues. All too often, it’s an unhealthy relationship with money that holds you back from finding peace and happiness. You are unhappy and unfulfilled in your relationships, your work, and in life overall ... and it was never meant to be that way. The good news is, there is another way - a better way, and I can help you."
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3 Responses to Wealth, $Prosperity$, and Happiness for 2012

  1. Amber says:

    Wow! What a new outlook in the word FEAR! The nature of the human “fight or flight.” The basic biological response that drives our natural reaction to outside stressers. Biology in conjuction with our feelings of wealth…something to ponder this holiday. Great artical Chris.

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