New Year’s can never be the same. Ever.

It was Christmas Eve morning, I sat quietly in my living room gazing into the lights and reflective sparkle of our Christmas tree. My thoughts stuck on a picture I had been looking at just a minute before. I couldn't shake the image and the feelings that stirred. The picture was of a young Syrian … Continue reading New Year’s can never be the same. Ever.

Do it Different…Let it Go

I usually write my blogs in advance, so even though this piece will post on 1/3/12... it's actually 12/27/11 as I begin writing.  Today was kind of a strange day.  I woke up feeling a bit anxious, almost panic-like...definately not my usual energetic, enthusiastic self! I thought it was because I was overwhelmed with a  massive "to-do" list involving … Continue reading Do it Different…Let it Go

Wealth, $Prosperity$, and Happiness for 2012

Here we are...on the brink of a New Year...abundant opportunities lay at our feet.   Are you Feeling Excited And Ready to boldly step forward???  (don't you love that acronym?  Thank you Neale Donald Walsch...) Have you thought about what you would like for 2012...for yourself, your business, your family, etc?   If you haven't, that's ok...there's plenty of  time!   For some of us, setting … Continue reading Wealth, $Prosperity$, and Happiness for 2012