New Year’s can never be the same. Ever.

It was Christmas Eve morning, I sat quietly in my living room gazing into the lights and reflective sparkle of our Christmas tree. My thoughts stuck on a picture I had been looking at just a minute before.

I couldn’t shake the image and the feelings that stirred. The picture was of a young Syrian refugee girl twirling in place with her arms open wide. Snow falling lightly around her. Dressed in a pink hat and matching pink boots, smiling and laughing … appearing to catch a few snowflakes on her tongue.

Instead of getting ready to exchange gifts and share a meal in the name of the holiday season, this young girl and her family were preparing to cross the border near Bavaria.

Imagine for a moment that you are that young Syrian refugee girl only moments away from making that walk. A walk that would take you and those you love to a place that you hope is safe, a place that you hope is welcoming, a place that you hope to call home.

If you were that young child on Christmas Eve, waiting to make that walk, would you be preparing as she did? With arms out wide, twirling in the snow, with a smile on your face? Be honest. Is that how you would choose to spend that moment just before you crossed into a new and unknown land?

Would you be hopeful, expectant, and open to what the following day and days hold for you and your family?

Would you feel so care-free that you could literally dance across the border, into your new world?

As I put myself into the young girl’s pink boots, I found myself questioning if I was capable of feeling what she was feeling in the moment that camera captured her.

I’m not so sure that my preparation for crossing into another country, a foreign place, would consist of any kind of dance movement – much less a twirl and a smile. I then began to wonder how it was that her world and my world could be so different.

There I sat, on Christmas Eve morning, in anticipation of what? Welcoming family and friends to my home? The exchange of gifts? Sharing a meal as we conversed and laughed?

I had to ask – what was this little girl trying to tell me?

It was then that I could feel what she was feeling … and it was then that everything changed.

Appearances can be deceiving, as they say. You see, that young Syrian girl and I, we aren’t that different. Only one week later am I about to make that same walk as she. I am crossing a border of my own making, as are you. It’s called the New Year. And what is found on the other side of said border is completely up to me (and you).

The message, sent by this magical child, is that it is always our choice in how we prepare for any border crossing. Whether it’s a new year, a new business, a new relationship, or a new life.

So why not follow this young one’s lead?

Pay no mind to the worries about money, about success, about work, about relationships …

Instead, throw your arms out wide and twirl! Yes, twirl!

If that little girl can bravely walk towards a new life, then what could possibly be holding you back from walking towards and claiming yours? Whatever that “new life” may be!

From this moment on, see your New Year as your border crossing …

Will you cross into the New Year as you have in years past? Or will 2016 and beyond be different?

This time … may you toss your head back, laugh at the sky, and dance between the falling snow flakes!

This time … without fear, without hesitation, and with nothing to distract you … take that first step, with eyes wide open to the wonderment of all that could be, and make that walk a walk to remember, as you enter your new world.

Happy New Year … may it never be the same again.

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