Who would you be if you won?

It’s hardly like me to jump on the bandwagon and write about something that others seem to be writing but, my hands have literally been shaking for the past 3 days … a signal that this message must be of relevance.

A few days ago one of the members of my Wealth Ministry began a conversation around winning the Powerball – which at the time was valued at $700 million. She had imagined herself winning and to her surprise, she felt anxious and hopeless. A feeling that her life would end as she knew it now. A feeling that she would lose her sense of purpose in life if she were to be in receipt of such a large windfall. She asked herself …

What could I possibly do with all of this money? What would I do with my life now? Would my life no longer have meaning as it would appear that I have nothing to work towards?

Here is a brilliant and talented entrepreneur who for years has consciously worked on her personal and spiritual growth. Yet, when faced with having to contend with winning millions, she came undone. She reverted to fear and thinking small. She lost her sense of Self.

What about you friend? Would you react in much the same way? I know it isn’t very often that we ask ourselves a question like this but, perhaps we should? 

If you were to close your eyes right now and imagine that your numbers were called, that you won what is now worth close to $1.4 billion, what feelings come up for you?

How do you see yourself now that your bank statement reflects 9-10 digits more?

As the conversation continued in the group, and more members began to chime in, the honesty, the courage, and inspirations sprang forth. One woman offered that $700 million would go very quickly if one was to direct it towards taking care of all the Refugees – or if one were to set out to help feed all of the hungry children in the world. What seems to be such a large sum becomes very small when we begin to notice how much love is needed in this world. And couldn’t money be seen as a tool for spreading love?

Another woman shared that she wouldn’t want to win. Perhaps so much love, so much abundance, would be unbearable?

Take a good look at what comes up for you as you answer this question, without judgement or ridicule. 

Who would you be?

The frightened one? The one whose story says that if she were to have millions or billions she would lose everything else, including herself? The one that said her script spins the tale of unworthiness?

Or would you choose to be the one that remembers who she is and dares to dream, dares to imagine? The one who quietly sits back with pen and paper in hand, allowing all of her ideas to come forward and onto the page?

What fun it would be to play with so much money, so much love! Think of how you could take care of your family and friends. Think of the ways in which you can leverage and expand this sum to reach all corners of the world with this one gift … 

So — who would you be?


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