Resolution or Relationship? What has your New Year been about so far?

QUICK NOTE … I wrote this article for LinkedIn just over a year ago. It occurred to me that this message is still relevant today, so here it is. Enjoy.

January 12, 2015 … Truthfully, I for one do not believe in New Years Resolutions … for those that do, that’s ok, whatever works for you is great! But for me, I believe that every day is a “New Year”, a new moment, a new opportunity to officially declare what it is you truly desire … and go for it.

Enough said … moving on.

Just before the Christmas Holiday it was unseasonably warm in this part of the world – and I was thrilled as that meant I could continue with my daily walks outside! On one of these walks, this is what came to me …

There is only ONE Relationship that truly matters. Period.

Our lives are overflowing with relationships, yes? We have relationships with other people, with our “stuff”, with our businesses … we are in relationship with everything. Relationships come and relationships go. And all too often, some of these relationships can become demanding, unfair, and overwhelming.

But, there is only ONE that matters in your world.

There is only ONE Relationship that needs your full attention …
There is only ONE Relationship that you need to care deeply about …
There is only ONE Relationship that is calling you to awaken it and strengthen it …

AND when you tend fully and completely to this Relationship, everything you need, everything you desire, will fall naturally into place.

Do you know what I find so interesting? I find it interesting that very few want to talk about THIS Relationship. Most people put labels around it, or tip-toe around it, or completely avoid it by calling it something other than what it really is.

The thing is … when this Relationship is healthy, loving, trusting, and open, here’s what happens:

  • AHA’s become a regular occurrence in your daily life
  • Profound, life changing, insights become commonplace
  • You move through life with unshakeable confidence and conviction
  • Your sense of clarity is crystal clear and expansive
  • … and so much more!

Imagine now what that would feel like … living life with clarity, confident in your every choice, feeling free and at ease!

I’m NOT talking about your Relationship with money …
I’m NOT talking about your Relationship with your spouse or life partner …
I’m NOT talking about your Relationship with your children, your co-workers, your boss, or your business …

Many “experts” and “guru’s” – even they won’t say what that Relationship is. They continue to speak in code and they keep you thinking that they have the “secret”, that they have the answers … but, THEY don’t.

Do you want to know what that Relationship is? The ONE and ONLY Relationship that when you give it your full attention you will experience …

  • EASE … of choice, fun, and happiness
  • LOVE … as you never imagined before
  • PROSPERITY … beyond your imagination
  • FAITH … in your every move, your every choice
  • CLARITY… in your life purpose

Have I got your attention?
Do you really want to know what the most important Relationship is in your life? Because it’s not who or what you think … it’s not who or what you’ve been taught or told …

The most important Relationship in your life … is the Relationship you have with YOU!

You see – I was once this arrogant brat and total control freak. (and trust me when I say that I still catch myself at times like that!) I was the Queen that would exclaim “it’s my way or the highway”. And if you threatened “my way”, I would exclaim “off with your head”!

I thought that my way was always the best way, the only way. And every time I would act or make decisions from that perspective, I was met with disappointment.

My disappointments took different forms and came through different faces. Three divorces, single parenthood, spousal abuse, and financial bankruptcy – each a mirror. Each relationship, each circumstance and event were simply mirror reflections of my “inner-arrogance” – my unconscious fears.

I was so arrogant that I used to scoff at and dismiss God … I would give Him other names like “Universe”, “Source”, “Divine”. Not that it’s wrong to do so but, I did it in a dismissive and disrespectful way. When I would choose to ignore God, I was really ignoring myself … my True-Self … and then my –

  • Saboteur would show up as … “I’m not good enough, not talented enough. Turning down great opportunities … I was constantly getting in my own way!”
  • Victim would show up as … “if only I had more money, more time, a better education – then life would be easier!”
  • Prostitute would show up as … “I can’t leave this marriage now even though it’s riddled with abuse, because I can’t afford to live on my own and support my children.”
  • Child would show up as … “Work can be fun? Enjoyable? No way!”

“Trials are but lessons which you failed to learn presented once again, so where you made a faulty choice before you now can make a better one, and thus escape all pain which what you chose before has brought to you. In every difficulty, all distress, and each perplexity you face, Christ calls to you, and gently says, “My brother, choose again.” ” -A Course in Miracles

Yes – choose again …

Choose to empower yourself by creating a different story – a better story. The only reason why you see patterns repeat and struggles continue in your relationships is because you are being given the opportunity for a “do-over”.

It’s a new day ( ok -it’s a new year!) to make a better choice. To think differently, feel differently, and do differently … putting an end to struggle and experiencing greater ease.

There is ONLY ONE Relationship that matters most in your world … and that Relationship is the one you have with your-Self, your GOD-SELF. That greater part of you that is Spirit, Heart, Love, Joy.

It is this Relationship that when you surrender to it, trust it – you will finally awaken to your True Wealth, Peace, and Prosperity.


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