Resolution or Relationship? What has your New Year been about so far?

QUICK NOTE ... I wrote this article for LinkedIn just over a year ago. It occurred to me that this message is still relevant today, so here it is. Enjoy. January 12, 2015 ... Truthfully, I for one do not believe in New Years Resolutions ... for those that do, that's ok, whatever works for you … Continue reading Resolution or Relationship? What has your New Year been about so far?

Part 2: Your Money Story…Pack it with Power!

As is Part 2: Your Money Story...Pack it with Power...written by Denis Ledoux of The Memoir Network.  AND be sure to stay tuned in to your email...under separate cover I will be sending out an invitation to my 2 hour Tele-Class Event--"3 Simple Steps to Unleashing Money Miracles: Co-Creative Writing".  I had run this … Continue reading Part 2: Your Money Story…Pack it with Power!

Money can Curdle? Say what?

I came across this quote the other day... "MONEY IS CONGEALED ENERGY." ~Joseph Campbell Anyone that knows me and/or has worked with me will tell you that yes, I believe that money IS energy...and I have to say that using the adjective, "congealed", sparked my interest. I know what congealed means--to change from a liquid … Continue reading Money can Curdle? Say what?

Me, Money, Divorce–Victim Center Stage

After a bit of a break to be a soccer mom and focus on creating my newest coaching program...I'm back. Before I begin my latest post, I would like to formally announce my new signature program..."Financial First Aid for Divorce, for Women". I am happy to report that thus far, my program has received an … Continue reading Me, Money, Divorce–Victim Center Stage

Forgiveness…your ticket to great wealth!

Forgiveness is a topic that keeps showing up for me lately. I believe that everyone is familiar with the term forgiveness...and what it means to forgive. I do not believe however, that everyone realizes just how powerful the act of forgiveness is. And I say this because nearly everyday I encounter someone who is holding … Continue reading Forgiveness…your ticket to great wealth!