From the mouth of money … to your ears

If money could speak, what would it have to say about you?

We talk about money, more often than we think we do. We talk to ourselves about it – how money makes us feel, the choices we make about it, the kind of life we have because of it. Sometimes we talk to our friends, an advisor, or a coach about it. And we listen to others talk about money through various media outlets.

But, what if money had a voice?

What if this so-called energy form had a message for you? A message that it’s been trying to get across but, because you haven’t been listening you continue to struggle with it (money). You continue to experience vicious debt cycles, income fluctuations, and a disconnect from your value and worth.

What if money walked up to you and said that it could offer you a message of peace?

Would you stop whatever you are doing, right now, and listen? 

For those ready to listen and hear – this is a letter from money, to you.

Dearest friend,

I’m not at all everything you make me out to be. In fact, I’m really nothing at all. Just an image. You think I’m real – but, I’m not. I’m only as real as you make me to be. You assign me my value. Not some lousy institution or backwards thinking economic system. You.

You decide what role I play in your life.

If you wish me to show you lack and scarcity, I will either disappear from your scene or impede my flow and delay my arrival to your bank account. 

If you wish me to support your cause or an endeavor, I’m there – right by your side, in just the right amount, ready and able to fuel and propel your desire.

If you make me to be the reason for the evil present in your world, then your wish is my command and I abide.

Want to know what your problem is?

You have given me way too much power.

I had nothing to do with your financial circumstances – good or bad. I had nothing to do with your bulls and bears or your depressions and celebrations. Your ideas and impressions are grossly misguided and ill-informed. 

Me, powerful? Me, evil? Me, the dictator of your quality of life and happiness?

Oh please. Just stop!

Do us all a favor and stop those nonsensical, destructive thoughts.

I am not to be blamed for where you are in life. I am not to be blamed for your failed marriage, your sunken business, or your impoverished retirement.

No. That’s all on you my friend.

There’s something to be said about being money. Here I am … this illusion … this image. I’ve got nothing to hide from you yet everything to share.

I wish you could see that the power and value that you give me daily — is your power.

I wish you could see that I’m not the one responsible for your choices — you are.

I wish you could see, once and for all, that I am not the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of your world — that title belongs to you.

I didn’t tell you to take that miserable job and work it for better than 20-30 years. I wasn’t the one who told you to “sell out” in your divorce. It wasn’t me that said to discount your products or services.  I’m not the one making you compare yourself to others or making you feel as though you don’t deserve all that you have. You’ve been listening to the wrong voice, friend.

You gave me instructions and I followed. That’s all I did. It’s what I do.

If you barked orders to me from a place of fear or guilt – then that is the reason for your toxic breakup, your bankruptcy, your discontent. You made me real.

And this applies to those of you who think I make you happy. Just wait. Your moment is coming. Because if you believe that I make you happy, then you also believe in lack. Yes, your time is coming when I show you how I have nothing to do with your happiness too.

What a crazy world you dropped yourself into. A world where you think that I, and everything you attach me to, am your dream-maker and deal-breaker.

If I had such power, I would wave my wand and send you home for a spell — just for a moment, so that you could remember the true Source of your happiness, fulfillment, and your riches.

But that power isn’t mine. That wand is in your hand.

It’s time for you to remember who and what you are.

It’s time for you to remember that everything you really want is already yours … and I, money, have nothing to do with it.

Sincerely yours,



If this message resonates with you – if you are looking to have a healthy and meaningful relationship with money and with life – join the Wealth Ministry for Women NOW.


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