A heart to heart conversation about Love and Santa …

As part of my daily meditation practice I stand in front of the mirror and ask God, “what would you have me know today?” The answer I received this morning was, “I want you to know that you are loved.” My initial response? “Oh how I want to believe that!”

I wasn’t just answering for myself. The proof that we all desire to know that we are loved is all over the news. Violence, attack, and neglect is everywhere … and it all means one thing, a cry for love.

As I sat at my dining room table in front of the blank page in my writing journal, I thought about my own desire to believe that I am loved. Quickly I realized that I have made my experience of love, conditional. In order for me to know that I am loved, I must earn money, pay my bills on time & with consistency, support my family, have clients hire me, have others see my value … yikes.

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“We want your happiness to not be conditional on outcomes.” ~Abraham Hicks

Intellectually I know this but, I have not been practicing what I preach. In order to feel loved, I must love freely – without reservation, attachment, or expectancy. I must believe that I am deserving, worthy, valuable … and the ONLY one that matters, who sees me in this way is myself and God.

So I ask, “how do I do this?” “how do I come to know that I am loved?”

“BELIEVE Christine. Believe.”, is the answer I heard. And then …

“You believe in Santa, Christine. You believe in his Spirit, his warmth, his love, and all that he symbolizes because to you, he is Real.

Santa lives in everyone – in you, in Me. That lyric- you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout … isn’t true. Santa doesn’t punish – not a single child. For he knows that every child is an extension of himself. That when a child misbehaves, it’s only because for that moment, he or she forgot who they are. That’s all. And Santa always forgives.

No child ever goes without a present. No child is ever left alone. Not on Santa’s watch, not on his day. Santa loves all of his children equally and abundantly. Santa sees their Spirit, your Spirit, because it’s his own. And the more he gives of his Love, represented by his gifts, the more his Love and your Love is felt in you, in others, in the whole of existence.

Santa has never forgotten about you – and deep down you know that in your heart. It is why you feel this disconnect so strongly right now and during this time of the year.

Santa has been praying for you, hoping that you will remember as he has never forgotten. You are loved, always loved, because you like he, ARE Love.

Santa isn’t magical Christine. Santa is Real. He couldn’t do what he does if he weren’t Real. There is no fairytale being spun and no pixie dust being tossed about. What I tell you is fact. Santa is as Real as it gets. But you … and the others, must believe.

You think he shows up but once a year? Heavens, no. Santa shows up every day and in every moment. Just take a look for yourself. Look all around you. Everywhere you see Love, is Santa.

You know exactly where to find it Christine – do you remember? I always hear you say, “Oh you have Santa-eyes!” If the eyes Christine are the window to one’s soul, one’s Spirit, then look into them. Connect with another’s eyes. Connect with your own in the mirror and you will see that the very same twinkle, that sparkle you call Santa, is staring back at you.

You and everyone else can’t help but to see Santa because you are all, him. If Santa is symbolic of Love, then you are Love. It cannot be any other way. Why do you think he’s been around for so long? He represents the Truth that lies in each of you. All you have to do is look – believe – and see.

Christine, at the end of the day, all that matters is Love. And if you are Love, then it’s you that matters. You who is worthy. You who is good and righteous and blessed beyond measure.

Give Santa a great big hug for Me – and when you do, know that you are hugging (loving) yourself.”


ANNOUNCEMENT … fingers crossed – it should be just a matter of days when the Wealth Ministry for Women will open its doors! You will all be able to experience this community and take part in webinars, coaching, and daily conversation through a Special TRIAL PERIOD … stay tuned for more information!

Be blessed!


One thought on “A heart to heart conversation about Love and Santa …

  1. I hear you Christine, I’ve been there and while I don’t enjoy the wake-up calls to practice what I preach, I do value them. Unconditional Love is something truly worthy of believing in, pursuing, and receiving.

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