What came to me in Silence about Gratitude …

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, so I am not surprised that messages of gratitude and appreciation are overflowing my email in-box and Facebook Newsfeed.

In reading the posts and emails, I realize that my perspective has shifted. These messages about the importance of practicing gratitude have changed for me. I still see the old familiar themes, yes … practice acknowledging all the good that is in your life right now and when you do this daily, if you have little, you will have more. Even if you have an abundant life now, you will receive more. More of what, exactly?

When I read gratitude posts on any social media outlet, I can’t help but notice that the things people are grateful for are just that, things. Isn’t there more to these things? A house, a car, a job, friends, travelling, residual income … what is it about these things that you are truly grateful for? Go there! Dig deep. Detach from the things and allow yourself to connect with what is truly meaningful.

“Everything that is really worthwhile in life came to us for FREE. Our minds, our soul, our bodies, our hopes, our ambitions, our dreams, our intelligence, our love of family, friends, and children, and country. All these priceless possessions are FREE. But the things that cost us money are actually very cheap and can be replaced at any time … But, the things we got for nothing can never be replaced.” ~ Earl Nightingale

Those things we say we are grateful for, most came with a price tag. And if it didn’t come with a price tag, we gave it one.

Let’s be done with price tags, the sale merchandise, and the Black Fridays …

Take some time today or tomorrow and pick one moment in a day. What is it about that one moment you are truly grateful for? Is it the moment you wake your child up in the morning? Why? What is it you see? Is it the smile – the giggle – their warmth & love. What is it that springs forth from you when you are greeted by that smile, giggle, and love? Be grateful for that.

Your drive to and from work. Is it really the vehicle you are grateful for? Are you grateful for the ability to transport yourself from one place to another? Or are you grateful for the time you have alone, in silence, or with music?

I realized this morning that I am grateful for Silence. That time I have where I make space in my brain to allow light to come in … to be touched by the Grace of God. For within that Silence I have peace … and there is nothing more important to be grateful for.

Peace is the culmination of love, joy, and happiness. Peace offers permanence in a world that is temporary and filled with chaos.

I embrace every moment of Silence for I am grateful of the peace it affords me.  I know that somehow and in some way, peace will show up in my life.  And I’m not picky. I could care less “how” peace, love, and happiness decide to reveal themselves in my life.

The best part? Peace has no price tag. It’s free and available to anyone and everyone.

So as you look past the things in your life, what is it that you are truly grateful for?

Not sure?

Get Silent and the answer will come.


Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings!


COMING SOON … The Wealth Ministry for Women will be opening its virtual doors in early December! Stay tuned and get ready to learn how to make peace with money, own your worth, and claim your wealth!



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