New Book Aims to Create Wealth Consciousness and Pull America out of its Recession Mindset


September 24, 2012 – Financial Life Planning® expert, Christine Mathieu, has recently
published her new book entitled “From Wisdom to Wealth: Insights to Creating Your Path
Wealth”. After spending 20 years as a traditional Investment Advisor and Insurance
Professional, Christine’s work as an advisor changed in response to the market crash of 2008. The book is an expression of her current work and mission; to help others shift their negative money mindset to one of abundance and true wealth. Mathieu’s new book is available through Amazon and Kindle.

“From Wisdom to Wealth” offers the reader a path to create greater confidence, wealth, and joy by strengthening their emotional and spiritual relationships with money. It is evident that Christine has an in-depth understanding of wealth and money. Christine states, “Our perceptions of what wealth is or should be, has changed dramatically over time.  We all have the power to create the “rich” life but, we must first decide what wealth means to us. By re-visiting the messages and wisdom that have been shared with us across generations by great financial, business, and spiritual leaders, we can now choose to redefine and reframe wealth to “fit” who we are today or who we want to be. “

“Regardless of where you are financially, Christine’s insights, strategically chosen quotes, and empowering suggestions have the ability to shift your money mindset to a higher level, to create more wealth and a more abundant life.” says Alicia Cramer C.Ht, CEO Wausau Hypnotherapy

Christine is the Owner and Founder of the Mathieu Center for Financial Wholeness located in East Aurora New York. She is the “rich life” columnist for the Buffalo Magazine and blog
author of . She is the only Financial Life Planning® Advisor in
Western New York and its surrounding areas. Her focus is on guiding her clients to a greater sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction with special attention to confident navigation through life transitions; divorce and widowhood. Christine offers private and group coaching for individuals/couples, financial professionals, and entrepreneurs. She also holds workshops and key-note presentations throughout the Western New York area.

For more information about “From Wisdom to Wealth” and Christine Mathieu visit

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