The Sometimes Naked and Dirty Truth about You (and Money…)

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not one that usually likes to get dirty. For instance, my idea of camping is staying at a hotel, MAYBE a cabin, definitely NOT a tent! If I weren’t married, I would live in a townhouse so that I wouldn’t have to mow a lawn or landscape! However…participating in this past weekend’s Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run & Obstacle Course…I’m IN! This past weekend I ran the Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run and I was completely soaked, head to toe in mud…I loved it! 

How is it that I’m ok with running and crawling in mud at a Dirty Girl Mud Run versus pulling weeds or camping in a tent? First, it’s fun. Second, I feel safe and supported by all those surrounding me as I am being ME. For one day, thousands of women feel free to let themselves go. No make-up, no fancy heels, no labels…it’s all about physical exertion, mud, laughter, and the opportunity to fully expose who we are without any fear of being judged or ridiculed.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find that very same environment to talk about money? A place where you feel safe and supported while you expose how you really feel about money and it’s connection to how you feel about yourself. And hey, wouldn’t it feel great to have fun at the same time, to be able to lighten up about you and money?

Just this morning, and quite appropriately, I came across a Jewish tale retold as a poem by Heather Forest…

*Naked Truth and Parable*
Naked Truth walked down the street one day.
People turned their eyes away.
Parable arrived, draped in decoration.
People greeted Parable with celebration.
Naked Truth sat alone, sad and un-attired,
“Why are you so miserable?” Parable inquired.
Naked Truth replied, “I’m not welcome anymore.
No one wants to see me. They chase me from their door.”
“It is hard to look at Naked Truth,” Parable explained.
“Let me dress you up a bit. Your welcome will be gained.”
Parable dressed Naked Truth in story’s fine attire,
With metaphor, poignant prose, and plots to inspire,
With laughter and tears and adventure to unveil,
Together they went forth to spin a tale.
People opened their doors and served them their best.
Naked Truth dressed in story was a welcome guest.

What is your “naked truth” about money? Is there a story there that keeps being told over and over? 

Maybe you need to “dress up” your truth or cover her in some mud to feel comfortable delving into your truth.  Or perhaps you need to peel off layers of clothing…or rinse off the mud after a winded run, in order to get to the heart of your truth about you and money. We all have stories; a life of continuous financial struggles and debt…that’s a story, a life filled with happiness and prosperity…that’s a story. Somewhere within your story lies the truth about you and money.

It takes guts to run a Dirty Girl 5K.  It takes the same to uncover, examine, and accept your naked truth about money. 

Whether you dress yourself up, run & crawl in some mud, or place yourself in a safe and supportive environment, just know that by embracing your truth about you and money, you are sure to attract a greater sense of wealth, confidence, and joy. 

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