What I’ve learned so far about money-miracles …

Before I get into what I have come to learn so far about money-miracles through both my personal and professional worlds, it would make sense for me to first tell you what I believe a money-miracle is.

A money-miracle will show you that the relationship you have with money, is the very same relationship you have with you. A money-miracle occurs when you explore your relationship with money and within that relationship, you remember who and what you really are.

When I choose to think and behave from a place of lack, the number I see on a page becomes more than just a balance of my bank account, retirement portfolio, or the face amount of my life insurance program. That number, as I allow it, will define my worth and set my value.

Truth is, my perceived self-value and worth has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with money. Yet how I value myself has everything to do with my ability to pay my bills, support my family, run my coaching practice, and have fun and play!

That number appearing on paper, regardless of what monetary value it may depict, becomes an opportunity to decide how I feel about myself.

It doesn’t matter how high or how low that number is, because if I am choosing and acting from the perspective of lack, then lack will always have me believe that I am worthless, undeserving, and of no value to myself or anyone else. I will never have enough or be enough. If I am making decisions from a place of love, where my sense of Self is confident and whole, not only will my actions feel right, the results will be favorable.

Do you understand what I am saying here?

It’s not about the money. It never was nor will it ever be about the money. If you feel poor or less than or not good enough, even if you are living in the lap of luxury, don’t kid yourself. Your worth, your value, your financial circumstances, and your lifestyle, has nothing to do with money. Nothing.

A money-miracle is about choice.

What I know is that at some point I decided to believe that money and stuff would define who and what I am … and what I am capable of. I would allow money to decide if I said yes or if I said no to a new career opportunity and if I would stay in an abusive marriage or leave. 

I had even allowed myself to fall victim to other people’s beliefs such as, if I wasn’t earning well into a six-figure income, I was a failure and my work a joke. At some point I had decided that money and stuff would dictate my self-value, my worthiness, my peace, and happiness.

I gave an awful lot of power over to money. 

“We need to give ourselves a break. We have to realize it doesn’t matter if you’re rich, and it doesn’t matter if you’re poor because neither one is true.” ~ Gary Renard – Love Has Forgotten No One

What I know is that my debt patterns, my bankruptcy, and my roller coaster income rides were going to be my circumstances because that is the life contract I signed up for.

What I did not know, what took me years to discover, is that no matter what my financial struggles may have been or still could be, I always had and have the choice in how I experience those events.

The game-changer for me has been in shifting my attention to how I want to experience something. Whatever it may be that I’m dealing with, a family drama, a lull in business revenue, a kitchen renovation, I get to choose how I experience that drama, a lull in business, or a kitchen reno. I can get caught up in the drama or recognize that it’s not mine and it feels better to stay neutral because it’s not personal. I can worry about a drop in income and where the next client will come from, or I can focus on loving and having fun with my work and trust that clients will come – because they always do. I can allow myself to completely unravel during our kitchen reno, or I can make peace with the upheaval knowing that it’s a process and the end result will be spectacular. 

You see, a money-miracle isn’t about changing or fixing your money problems.

A money-miracle has nothing to do with manifesting or accumulating gobs of cash, achieving a financial milestone, or winning the lottery.

Could those things happen? Sure! But, that’s not the point of what a money-miracle is.

A money-miracle is about the quality of the experience! A money-miracle is when you choose to experience any type of financial or monetary event or circumstance from the perspective of love and faith instead of lack, fear, or guilt.

Whatever your money-nightmare may look like, whether it’s a financially debilitating divorce, a sever market correction that has seemingly robbed you of thousands or millions of dollars, or you struggle with following your calling because you are afraid you won’t make money, you get to choose to experience that nightmare from either a place of lack (fear) or a place of love (faith).

Funny thing is, when you are securely rooted in your sense of Self, when you fully believe in your value and worth as having nothing to do with money, those money problems get resolved, financial goals are attained, and your life proceeds with greater ease and enjoyment.

Even funnier is when your money problems disappear and your financial success is realized in ways you could have never planned for much less imagined. And that’s not just a money-miracle … no, that’s freedom.


** To learn more about money-miracles and how to engage them in your life, please visit the Wealth Ministry for Women or email me at info@christineamathieu.com for information on the VIP Money-Miracle Intensive and other programs. You can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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