After 3 Divorces, She has Much to Share on Wealth & Empowerment

I have the honor of being a new contributing writer for … please enjoy my recent interview with them. 

DF: If someone goes to your website they will quickly see that you state, “I successfully navigated 3 divorces and overcame spousal abuse.” Wow. Can you share an overview of this challenging path?

Christine Mathieu: Let me start by saying this, just because “I successfully navigated 3 divorces, and overcame spousal abuse” doesn’t mean that it was easy. It was anything but, easy! In this world, in this life, success doesn’t usually come easily and I am living proof of that. But with “right” attitude and “right” action, success does in fact, come.

I think I’m one of the crazy ones that when I look back on my 3 divorces, I’m grateful. I have no anger, no regrets, and no remorse. Just gratitude. Did I feel that way while I was in the thick of my divorces? Not even close. Instead, each time, I was riddled with anger, hatred, and guilt.

You would think that because I’ve been through 3 divorces that they would be different in terms of what happened and how and why – but, they weren’t different at all. Not really. Click here to continue reading …


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