Silence in the Gaps – Guest blogger Brooke Becker

Ever meet someone and feel as though you’ve known them a long long time? Instant connection, right?

That’s what it was like when I met Brooke Becker, guest blogger of That Money Girl. Brooke and I share similar life stories and experiences as well as a love for seeking truth in relationships … whether the relationship is with a person, money, your work, or even yourself.

Please enjoy Brooke’s piece on “Silence in the Gaps – an article and poem”. And be sure to get to know Brooke … her website link is below. 🙂


Silence in the Gaps …

The gaps in life … those interminable periods of silence with no interaction, no activity, alone with one’s thoughts. Those gaps are where we can find our self, our truth, and even as Dr. Wayne Dyer has stated … our bliss.

How, you ask? By allowing the gaps to occur. Instead of avoiding a gap in life, to actually settle into it. Be with the gap. Learn from the gap.

Unfortunately, most human beings are uncomfortable with this suggestion. Most will wander from one relationship to the next with little or no break in between; go from job to job; jump from a Facebook interaction to Twitter to phone to TV to computer …all in an effort to not be alone.

However, aloneness has much to teach us. When we rest in the gaps rather than run away, we are rewarded with a new perspective on ourselves, our lives, and our interactions. This gives us a new-found freedom. We are no longer bound by our once limiting thought forms and paradigms. We see, from this new perspective, that we have choice. Resting in the gaps or gap consciousness, gives us choice.

So, perhaps before the next interaction on social media, or the next foray into a relationship, we can choose to use this time for meditation. We can still our minds, calm our breath, and tap into the Divine energy source, centering ourselves in peace.

Instead of reaching for our phone, opening our lap top, or going out, we actually have the opportunity to sit within the silence of the gaps. It may be incredibly uncomfortable at first. What I have found is that after spending some time in the gap, what my mind created as a mountain of projection, actually dwindled to a molehill of reality.

Try it sometime. Perhaps you will take the gaps to heart, and embrace them.


A Poem: Silence of the Gaps

It’s in the gaps where we discover truth,

our truth, only for us.

Stumbling, falling, we trip over

those voids in life between jobs, between partners, between visits,

the long, dark, stillness of a solitary night,

the unbearable aloneness of a cold, empty bed at dawn.

The fissures in our psyche where the fears, the doubts, and the worries get twisted and tangled,

a distorted melange of jagged, raw emotions.

We want to run, to hide, from the pain of it all.

Our souls know better,

they know to look for the gaps.

It’s there that truth will be found,

our truth, only for us.

It could bring us to our knees…hearts pounding, breath shortened,

shirt drenched in sweat, clinging to our shivering skin.

Be thankful.

The gaps don’t lie.

They may, though, devastate us with an intense shot of reality,

a harsh slap across our fragile, quaking egos.

Breathe through the gaps, relax into the gaps, even crave the gaps.

Invite them in.

This is where life begins,

and where life as we know it, will end…in the silence of the gaps.


© Brooke Becker, 2016

Please get to know Brooke – owner of the Chi Longevity Center in Orchard Park, NY.


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