Can I say Yes when my Bank Account says No

Who hasn’t or doesn’t struggle with this? There’s something you want to do or have for yourself or for someone you love but, your bank account says, “No. Sorry. Not going to happen – at least not today anyway.”

Last week at my youngest son’s soccer practice, Coach reviewed this season’s competition schedule and stated that he wanted commitments by the end of the week. There was one tournament that was getting to me and that tournament is less than 6 weeks away, involves roughly 14 hours of driving over one weekend, and is happening just days before Thanksgiving. My triggers? Time and money.Continue reading “Can I say Yes when my Bank Account says No”

{a poem} Flat Forehead and a Smile

I look in the mirror,

What do I see?

To my surprise it’s a frown,

staring back at me.


What’s this? I ask,

How can it be?



Is that really me?


And those lines resting high,

at the top of my face.

They must come with that frown,

defining its meaning,

securing its place.


This reflection of me,

must be incorrect.

My interpretation misleading,

this self-portrait a wreck.


For I recall as a child,

I would dance about.

Never a worry.

Hardly a care.

Most surely without doubt.


Follow your heart,

I was told.

never let your mind wander.

All is good.

You are Love.

Wear a smile.

Keep your wonder.


What I see in my mirror,

need only please me.

I choose happy.

I choose laughter.

What else would I be?


No matter life’s events,

no matter its drama,

all I want to see in my reflection,

is a forehead that is flat,

and a smile of my perfection.


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After 3 Divorces, She has Much to Share on Wealth & Empowerment

I have the honor of being a new contributing writer for … please enjoy my recent interview with them. 

DF: If someone goes to your website they will quickly see that you state, “I successfully navigated 3 divorces and overcame spousal abuse.” Wow. Can you share an overview of this challenging path?

Christine Mathieu: Let me start by saying this, just because “I successfully navigated 3 divorces, and overcame spousal abuse” doesn’t mean that it was easy. It was anything but, easy! In this world, in this life, success doesn’t usually come easily and I am living proof of that. But with “right” attitude and “right” action, success does in fact, come.

I think I’m one of the crazy ones that when I look back on my 3 divorces, I’m grateful. I have no anger, no regrets, and no remorse. Just gratitude. Did I feel that way while I was in the thick of my divorces? Not even close. Instead, each time, I was riddled with anger, hatred, and guilt.

You would think that because I’ve been through 3 divorces that they would be different in terms of what happened and how and why – but, they weren’t different at all. Not really. Click here to continue reading …


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