You Can’t Assign a Number to “Abundance”

The title of this post came to me in a “daydream”…I was having a conversation with one of my friends in California. I can’t even recall the details of the conversation, only that I said to her, “you can’t assign a number to abundance…”. The term ‘abundance’ is one that is used quite frequently today…aContinue reading “You Can’t Assign a Number to “Abundance””

Peace of money, peace of mind…

I recently published an article on, ¬†7 Ways Money Memories Can Affect Your Finances¬†. When I went back to read the comments I observed something interesting–people either “get it” or they don’t. We all want to feel better about money and our finances but, the moment someone offers a different way of seeing things,Continue reading “Peace of money, peace of mind…”

Exactly HOW Rich are you??

If a child walked up to you and asked,¬†“Excuse me—are you rich?” How would you respond? I actually visualized this while driving home with my family from an afternoon of spending gift cards…it felt similar to a day-dream but, much clearer and more real. A child came up to me (…strangely enough it was notContinue reading “Exactly HOW Rich are you??”