In Loving Memory…Life and Legacy

Last week Thursday I lost a dear, childhood friend.  When I was first told the news by my father, I cried...first tears of sadness that my friend was gone, ending a long battle with cancer.  Then more tears of sadness for his family and their loss. And then came peace; I know that my friend … Continue reading In Loving Memory…Life and Legacy

Tell Me a Story…Your Story…about Money

"I am determined to tell my story of how I want it to be." ~Abraham Hicks Want to know what I tire of easily? Excuses. Old stories. I'm tired of hearing how HARD it is to make money, have money, save money. Want to know the worst part? It's actually less about being hard and more about being afraid to speak up … Continue reading Tell Me a Story…Your Story…about Money

Shall you dance…to the beat of your drum?

  My good friend, Danielle (Dani) Nelson (, posted this pic on Facebook recently.  Instant inspiration! Did you notice in the pic that she's barefoot? Love dancing barefoot! I was a dancer for 15 years...and when I'm at home, you will almost always find me barefoot.  My youngest always asks me, "Mommy, why do you always walk on … Continue reading Shall you dance…to the beat of your drum?