In Loving Memory…Life and Legacy

Last week Thursday I lost a dear, childhood friend.  When I was first told the news by my father, I cried…first tears of sadness that my friend was gone, ending a long battle with cancer.  Then more tears of sadness for his family and their loss. And then came peace; I know that my friend is “home” now, free of pain, and surrounded by love.

Over the past few days I have become acutely aware of my thoughts and emotions…about life, death, and money. Fond memories of our families growing up together spawned a profound appreciation for the life I have right now…and all of its riches! Love, laughter, and fun with my family, my friends, my work…how can it get any better than this?

Well…it got better last night at my son’s soccer game. Oh it was a real nail-biter! Our boys were out-playing the opposing team but, they just couldn’t score! So many shots on net but, nothing!  Then the opposing team scores…seriously! With the fire in their bellies turned up, our boys continued to play their hearts out…yet still no score…until the last 2 minutes of the game. Mid-fielder, #21, with a beautiful shot off his left boot scores to tie the game! Who’s #21? That’s my kid, my son! But, he didn’t do it alone…the entire team made that shot possible…they worked together, in sync, all positions in play.  It was truly inspiring!

What I also find truly inspiring is how you can connect the death of my friend along with my son’s soccer game to money and legacy. It occurred to me that the underlying reason, the energy or tool that allows my son to play soccer is “money”. Money is what supports and fuels our soccer programs, affording our children the chance to engage their hearts and bodies in sport; allowing us parents moments to cheer in excitement and joy. My thoughts then moved to a question; if I were to die tomorrow, would my children still be able to do the things they love? Have I provided enough for them financially in the event of my death? Every time I learn of someone’s passing, the first thing that comes to my mind is, I hope they owned enough life insurance.  And when I learned of my friend’s passing, I made the same statement.  My friend was my age, 44…and he left behind a wife and a 2 yr old daughter. I am not aware of their financial standing or if life insurance was a part of their financial portfolio…I can only hope.

I can also hope that by sharing this story with you, that if you have a family that you care deeply about, that you find inspiration to re-visit your estate and legacy plan. I have witnessed first hand the devastating effects of not owning adequate life insurance, and I have seen how it has saved lives. The choice is yours.

I once posted the amount of coverage I owned on a whiteboard in my office when I worked for the bank but, I was instructed by the Compliance Department to remove it. I no longer have a Compliance Department to answer to…I own $1.5 million in Life Insurance. I have 2 children of my own and a husband. Should I pass tomorrow, I know that I have provided the emotional space for them to grieve, absent of financial stress. Life Insurance affords breathing room for the surviving family. To me, that is empowerment.

Should you find yourself questioning if you have planned appropriately in the event of your death, I’m here to help and guide you…just say the word.

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