Tell Me a Story…Your Story…about Money

“I am determined to tell my story of how I want it to be.” ~Abraham Hicks

Want to know what I tire of easily? Excuses. Old stories. I’m tired of hearing how HARD it is to make money, have money, save money. Want to know the worst part? It’s actually less about being hard and more about being afraid to speak up and claim what you want and how you want life to be!  

Just this morning I watched an interview with Warren Buffet. When Mr. Buffet is looking to invest money, he doesn’t focus on the news headlines. He says that anyone that forms their investment decisions on the headlines will always be unsuccessful. Do you know why? Because headlines are YESTERDAY’S news…and what happened yesterday doesn’t matter, it’s irrelevant. Mr. Buffet’s focus is FORWARD, it’s always about where he’s going and where he wants to be. 

So what’s your money story? Where are you going? Are you going nowhere because your tires are spinning as you continue to tell your old story? The one that makes you feel down, filling you with doom and gloom? Are you one of the many that tells your story according to yesterday…allowing headlines and outsiders to dictate how you think and feel about money and/or life overall?

Are you ready to create your new money story? Because I’m ready to hear it! 

First thing you must do…admit to yourself that you LOVE money…Yea, you heard me…now say it. “I LOVE MONEY!!”  Scream it, sing it…whatever works, and say it over and over. 

Next, I want to know why you love money. 

“I LOVE money because it gives me the ability to take my family on a vacation to the Outer Banks. When we’re on vacation we are laughing, playing in the ocean and the sun, talking, telling jokes, eating great food, enjoying each others company…and that makes me feel like a rock star parent, a fabulous wife, and overall makes me feel great! I LOVE money because it makes me feel empowered! I love money because it allows me to pay for a personal trainer so I can be and feel strong, increasing my physical endurance so I can move through my day with greater ease and enjoyment!”

That’s just a sampling of my money story…believe me, I’ve got more where that came from! Now it’s your turn, and FYI…it’s wicked fun once you get the momentum going!

When you re-write and begin to tell your NEW money story, you will notice that you start to relax and enjoy. And each time you tell your story, it gets easier and you feel better.  Feeling better is your indication that you are making peace with where you are.  When you make peace with where you are, you appreciate just how wonderful life is RIGHT NOW while you eagerly await the unfolding of life’s new riches!

So the next time I see you, I won’t be asking you how you’ve been.  I’ll be saying, “Hey- what’s new with you?”  And you will answer with your new story…

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