Forgiveness…your ticket to great wealth!

Forgiveness is a topic that keeps showing up for me lately. I believe that everyone is familiar with the term forgiveness…and what it means to forgive. I do not believe however, that everyone realizes just how powerful the act of forgiveness is. And I say this because nearly everyday I encounter someone who is holding onto anger towards someone else or themselves. Their stories are always the same, whether it’s about money, relationships, or work, the plot is wrapped thick with blame, resentment, and even guilt.  

“We may not know how to forgive, and we may not want to forgive; but the very fact we say we are willing to forgive begins the healing practice.” ~Louise Hay

I’ve seen forgiveness described as a process, broken down into steps. It’s been my experience that it is much simpler…just be willing. The moment you are willing to forgive is the moment you have forgiven. It’s that easy…there is no “how”…just simply be willing. For when you forgive another, you no longer use what he or she did to you as an excuse for not achieving your goals. When there is no one left to blame, all there is left is YOU. Through forgiveness, the truth about yourself is revealed. 

I have found that forgiving another is much easier than forgiving myself…yet, forgiveness of yourself is the great gift you can give.  Forgiveness is freedom. There was a point in my life that I had accumulated significant credit card debt. It wasn’t until I was able to forgive myself and accept my circumstances, that I was able to relax and formulate a plan to get myself out of debt. Forgiveness allowed me to lower my resistance and quiet my mind chatter so that my focus could return to my heart. My heart wanted to be free of debt so that I could once again experience a greater sense of wealth and prosperity.

“Where your heart is, there is your power. Without this energy nothing in your life can manifest or flourish, from your romantic relationships to your artistic creativity.” ~Caroline Myss

Your heart center rules the process of transformation, transition, and change. When you choose to change something about yourself, or choose to see a set of circumstances differently, you experience an emotional “hit” or charge. A feeling is brought to the surface–anger, disappointment, confusion, anxiety, compassion, generosity, love, forgiveness, etc. How you choose to manage the emotion will determine how successful you are in creating what you want. When you are fully aware of your heart center, you will experience a greater sense of emotional wealth. The willingness and ability to transform anger and resentment to empathy and forgiveness empowers you to manifest your ideas and desires to physical reality. 

The key to an easy life is to embrace your mistakes and the mistakes of others as your teachers. By doing so, you will see that every circumstance, every event, every issue is an opportunity to expand your sense of self and create true wealth. Let forgiveness be your guiding light to salvation.

9 thoughts on “Forgiveness…your ticket to great wealth!

  1. Nice job…excellent info.These guideposts/principles are so easy to understand yet at times for whatever reason  ,can be difficult to execute.Have you done the course in miracles????

  2. Thank you for the insight Christine. You have to forgive otherwise the negative vibrations is going to stay with you and slowly destroy you in the process. Have you ever heard about the 11 laws by Bob Proctor? Regards Anders

      1. Hi Christine. It is called the 11forgottelaws and if you google it you will find the owerview videos from youtube and the mainsite. It is a downloadable product but a paid one. At least you get some insight from the videos. Also I can highly recommend the you were born rich 1-3 DVD videos which are presently on yoube. Regards, Anders

  3. WOW – that was really deep!!! You are absolutely right – Forgiveness is freedom!!!!!
    Are you doing a course on miracles?????

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