Every Child Should Have…

I have three sources of inspiration for my latest post. First, a poem entitled “Every Woman Should Have…Every Woman Should Know” written by Pamela Redmond Satran. Second, the tragic event that occurred in Newtown Connecticut this past Friday, 12/14/12. Third, my two sons, Josh–age 11, Kyan–age 7.

Wherever darkness is present, so too is light. It is my hope that by writing this poem in collaboration with my boys and in the likeness of Satran’s piece, we may begin to lift ourselves from the very depth of darkness and see truth. Twenty beautiful children and six courageous adults have opened my eyes to what is really important–in this moment. It’s not the looming Fiscal Cliff, a lagging economy, or politics in general. It’s our children…

Every Child Should Have… a teddy bear

Every Child Should Have…the freedom to play, belly laugh, and be who they are

Every Child Should Have a warm, loving home—and hugs and kisses daily

Every Child Should Have... confidence and well-being

Every Child Should Have… parents that spend money on family day trips and books instead of violent video games and movies

Every Child Should Have… many ways to make themselves happy; eating ice-cream, playing soccer, enjoying family card games, dancing around like a goof

Every Child Should Have… a teacher that inspires self-expression, empowerment—and encourages each child to shine brightly

Every Child Should Have… a place to go to be alone when they need to find peace

Every Child Should Have… a Coach that they look up to in “awe”; who brings forth greatness from within the child; who in return gazes back at the child…in “awe”

Every Child Should Have… OUR RESPECT, for they are OUR greatest teachers—showing us how easy it is to have fun, growth, compassion for others,  forgiveness of others,  presence, and resilience…

Every Child Should Know… they are loved

Every Child Should Know… they have unlimited potential

Every Child Should Know… they are safe and secure

Every Child Should Know… where to go and who they can to talk to when their heart needs to be heard

Every Child Should Know…that money DOES grow on trees!!

Every Child Should Know… love heals everything…a scraped knee or spilled milk

Every Child Should Know… that Santa, Jack Frost, Easter Bunny, and the Sandman…are REAL!

Every Child Should Know…they possess the gift of dreaming big…and that dreams do come true!

Every Child Should Know…that human value is immeasurable and cannot be replaced by technology

Every Child Should Know… they are born leaders

Every Child Should Know… how to pray

Every Child Should Know… THEY ARE WORTHY–of love, respect, abundance, and joy

~ written with love by Christine, Josh, and Kyan…12/17/12

One thought on “Every Child Should Have…

  1. What a wonderful tribute to the lost children of Newtown. The poem written by you and your two sons brought both Bill and I to tears..Post this on facebook, to help the world with the terrible grief they are dealing with. It will help…Thank you for such powerful and caring words…Words the world needs to hear and to remember…

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